A couple feature requests

Is there a way to have the restore program suggest a backup to restore based on the MAC address? Often I am restoring a machine because of a drive failure but the other hardware hasn’t changed. Sometimes I can’t remember the PC name and if I do I have a couple of hundred machines to scroll through to find it.

Second suggestion/request. 2a. Place a pause backup button on the main machine list or in the activities window to allow a backup to be paused. Currently the only option is cancel. 2b. Or instead of a pause button, have backups pause when a restore is started. Restores take forever when there are a couple of backups running at the same time.

Thank You!

Yes, some sort of pause or delay feature is needed. I’ve run across the problem of debugging a client/backupjob only have others to start automatically and clog up the log and confuse me with extra data in the backup target location.

Thanks for listening!

I also like the idea of having the server pause backup jobs while a restore is running. Even with a decent RAID array, the restores can slow down quite a bit with all the disk activity. I do test restores with virtual machines, so they’ll use whatever disk speed they can… and would be nice to get my test restores done faster :smiley: