2019-05-28: UrBackup Client support for macOS dropped due to platform stability issues

I’m glad that this announcement came now and not next year.
As we are about to deploy a online backup service to the masses a working client for macOS is a must feature, and being that we’ve only just deployed UrBackup last month we didn’t waste to much time.
It’s a pity though as UrBackup looked quite promising in terms of platform support and features all over.
On the other hand the integrated server upgrade does not work either so maybe it’s not meant to be.

Good luck in the future and thanks for the acquaintance!

any suggestions how to remove the client on Macs if the “Remove Client” option is not working. In my case it just raises an error and keeps running.


Have a look in “/Library/LaunchAgents/” and “…/LaunchDaemons/” I think that is were they are launched from during boot.