2.0.38-cbt Windows Client + 2.1.18 QNAP Server

Just a Little question:

What’s Happening when i update my QNAP Server to Version 2.1.18 even there’s no new cbt Windows Client?
Can/should i do that, or should i wait for a new cbt Client?

It is backwards compatible with the client.

I don’t want to auto-upgrade 2.0.x CBT clients with 2.0.x servers to 2.1.x and am currently working on providing several branches.

Does that mean, i have to upgrade my cbt-clients manually?

I set the Auto provisioning Setting in the Server and i installed the URL Location file.

2.1.19 should automatically install the 2.1.14 CBT version now.

As soon as the 2.1.19 QNAP Package ist out, i’ll try.