Windows Urbackup Server and backup on a Linux NAS

Good mornig,
I am a new user and I tested Urbackup on Linux Server and Windows client and it works fine.
Today i tried to use a Windows server (NTFS) with a NAS storage ( EXT3 formatted).
I am not able to write my backup on the NAS.
Maybe have I to use NTFS file system also on the NAS?

#How to backup from or to file shares or mapped network drives on Windows

If you want to backup from or to file shares or mapped network drives on Windows there are some limitations and caveats you have to keep in mind.

When you backup from a network share the client cannot create a snapshot of the folder and perform a consistent backup. This also means it cannot backup open (locked) files. In this case a error will be logged and the file will not be backed up.
The process running UrBackup needs credentials to access the network share. Per default UrBackup runs as the LocalSystem user which uses the machine credentials to access network shares. If you have a domain environment you can give the machine access to your share ( link ). Otherwise you have to change the user UrBackup runs as. The client service needs administrative rights, while the server process only needs to write to the backup storage and access the network. So for the server you may use the account you are currently logged in as, while for the client you should best use the built-in administrator account. See the next sub-sections on how to change the user UrBackup runs as and how to configure the administrator account.
According to documentation, when using a network share as backup storage you cannot use it directly (e.g. \MASCHINE\share). You have to create a sub-folder and use that (e.g. \MASCHINE\share\urbackup). This is due to a Windows limitation. When tested on Windows 7 this limitation was not present. Please give feedback in the forums such that this caveat can be removed.