Windows: How to file backup all existing hard drive partitions?

On the server, I would like to configure this file (not image) backup scenario for all my Windows clients, but can’t get it to work:

  • Backup the C: drive except all Windows and Program Files related folders,
  • Backup all other partitions with exceptions, but only if they are real hard drives, not CD/DVD drives, network drives, USB drives/sticks, card readers and so on.

So generally said, i would like to backup all users data on all fixed hard drives on all Windows computers without the need of adjusting the config for every single machine.

Currently, if i configure e.g. C:\ and D:\ as “Default directories to backup”,on all clients where D: does not exist I’m getting this error: ERROR: Could not open path in os_get_final_path.

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See Save ALL : constructing of filelist failed (index/shadowcopy problem) on how to fix this error.

Thanks uroni, works like a charm. Didn’t find that post…

With the “optional” parameter, the server is creating emtpy folders for non-existing or invalid drives and is logging errors for them, so a “successful” backup is reported as “with errors”, which should not be the case.

For a CD/DVD-Drive (E:) i can see this errors reported by the server:
backupcom->AddToSnapshotSet(volume_path, GUID_NULL, &dir->ref->ssetid) failed: EC=VSS_E_VOLUME_NOT_SUPPORTED
Creating shadowcopy of “E” failed in indexDirs().
Cannot access directory to backup: “E:” Errorcode: 21 - The device is not ready.
Activating shadow copy on “testclient1” for path “E” failed

Been trying to figure out how to set up my file backups across different computers, and had settled on separate configs for each until I saw this. The Optional parameter is just what I needed to make a single config for all the computers.

However, is it supposed to include “optional” as part of the name when it stores the backup on the server?

For example, I have one entry as “C:\Documents and Settings|Users/Optional”, and it is showing in the backup sets as UsersOptional.

It is case sensitive. so C:\Documents and Settings\|Users/optional.

A lot of users seem to want to backup all volumes. I’ll increase the priority of adding the special values ALL and ALL_NONUSB to file backups as well.

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Ah, then it probably would have still failed on some of my other computers, which I hadn’t tested yet. I’ll fix that in my config. Thanks. :smile:

I’m not necessarily doing all volumes, but I have different setups on some of my home machines (some have a Z: drive, some don’t, for example). All I was looking to back up was the user profiles (with some excluded directories) and the Z: drive if it was there. The optional parameter let’s me list specific directories/drives, skipping others by not including them (the D: drive on one computer would use up more space than I have free on the server!).

Hello Uroni!

You wrote:

A lot of users seem to want to backup all volumes. I’ll increase the priority of adding the special values ALL and ALL_NONUSB to file backups as well.

I would like to backup ALL_NONUSB at file backups.

Does this setting work for file backup? I didn’t find any information in the manual and this forum.

Thank you!