Windows client - full file backup takes very long time

Server - 2.2.8
Clients - 2.2.5

I have three Windows clients and only one takes a very long time to complete.
The backup itself completes in a reasonable time, but after the backup is complete (100% on activities page), the “Files In Queue” column lists a number for every file on the disk and starts counting down towards zero. When it reaches zero, the backup job terminates with success.

When I look at the “Live Log” it shows line after line like this.

03/14/18 10:09 DEBUG HT: Linked file: “/PC_Backups/Win-7_Client/180314-0759/C/Windows/winsxs/wow64_microsoft-windows-tcpip_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7601.17514_none_ca00459dda59f6f4/netiomig.dll”

PC_Backups is folder for urbackups
Win-7_Client is the client name.
Appears as if it is creating a link for every file it backed up.

I’m not running in Debug mode (LOGLEVEL=warn)

Other two Windows clients terminate when the backup reaches 100%.

So, what is this doing, and why?

Thanks for helping.


My understanding is that it first transfert all files and process linking in parallel.
But for client with a lot of small files, that process is actually very long and thus the files in queue number grows over the time.
Then for these server it reach 100% , meaning all is transfered, and the file in queue number goes only dow, because it only has that linking to process.

Why would one do it, and the other two Windows clients don’t ?
Just smaller # of files?
Strange I never noticed it before.

Why would one do it, and the other two Windows clients don’t ?
Just smaller # of files?

I guess so.

Strange I never noticed it before.

I think the previous release were faster, hence why you didn’t noticed it before.
Maybe it s compiled with different options or solving some linking bug made it slower by adding checks

I am facing this issue in 2 windows 7 client pcs . I have tried to re-install urbackup in client pc. But no use. I noticed the common thing that the loading of outlook pst files for backup taking the time and pst files are more than 20 GB in size. Is it really any limitation there on pst file backup ?