Windows Client 2.4.x LAN interface congestion during backup

Starting with client versions 2.4.x my Windows users have started to complain about their computer “being slow” while backups are being performed. After some digging I discovered the problem is the client computer’s network interface is pegged near capacity during backups and other applications (such as telnet sessions, SMB file sharing, Web Access) running on the computer aren’t getting the bandwidth they need. Many of these machines are on a 100Mbit link so the hard drive is more than able to keep up with the network card. I have also verified the server is not the bottleneck. Pinging these clients during a backup shows 100-200+ms responses while they are sub-zero when not backing up (or with below limits in place). For the time being, I have limited bandwidth to 80Mbit in the UrBackup server settings and that takes care of the problem. However, I have some machines on 1Gbit uplinks or WiFi uplinks that are variable speed depending on signal strength and the 80Mbit limit isn’t appropriate.

Does anyone know how to make Windows >=7 actually prioritize outbound traffic prior to exiting the network card? I’ve been googling but all I can find are documents on how to set up DSCP tagging with group policies (which I’ve had in place for years) or throttling with hard limits (which UrBackupServer can already do). I’d rather not have to make configuration groups based on what kind of network connection these devices have.

I’m open to other suggestions as well. Thank you in advance for your time.

Put e.g. 50% as speed limit. A hard limit or overprovisioning is still better since it probes for max speed from time to time and it also throttles to half the disk speed if the network speed is not the bottleneck, but this should mostly fix the issue.

Ahh, you mean like it says to in the Admin Guide? :man_facepalming:

I will give that a try!