Windows Backup is very slow


Hello Fellows,

i´m using Urbackup to backup my Clients at home. I´m running Urbackup on a Odroid XU4Q with an external USB 3.0 HDD and 1GB Ethernet. Urbackup is running fine with Linux Clients, get around 60-80 MB/s.
But under Windows with my Surface Pro 4 i only get around 4-7 MB/s which is very slow.
Another Windows 10 client on an Intel Nuc5 is also very slow.

I´m running Windows 10 1803, my Surface is attached to the docking station with 1Gigabit Ethernet, WLAN is disabled, ESET Virusscan is disabled. The checkbox “Process in Background” on the Urbackup Server for the Windows Client is not set. I can copy manuel Files via SMB or FTP to the Urbackup Server USB-HDD with around 70-90MB/s. But the Urbackup client itself is still around 4-7MB/s. It is not a Hardware or Network related issue in my eyes since i get good performance value. There is also no Max. Transfarerate set on the Server or Urbackup Client. The Backup is running over hours that slow.

Any hints what i can try to adjust ? There is also no difference in File or Image Backup.
I´m also willing to pay for the CBT Client Edition if it will speed up my transfer rate.

Running Urback Server 2.2.11 on Ubuntu 16.04.03
Linux Client with Autoupdate (Version 2.2.6)
Windows Client Version 2.2.6

Do you need some more Informations or Debug Logs ?

Thanks for any help!