Windows 10 file backup report "Completed with issues"

I started using URBackup a few months ago and like it very much.
But, many Windows 10 machines file backups reports: “Completed with issues”. Checking the log it includes errors like this:

Error getting complete file “n9z8BIbQ1umEcMsWH2TQ|C/Users//AppData/Local/Packages
/Content/6BADA8974A10C4BD62CC921D13E43B18_D9817BD5013875AD517DA73475345203” from . Errorcode: CANNOT_OPEN_FILE (3)

I added the following to Excluded files: C:\Users:\AppData\Local\Packages*;

However, the problem continue unresolved. Any idea what to try next?

I was getting the same style of error but stopped them using the exclusion list:


Thank you amazing. I’ll try that and report result back.

Unfortunately the suggested exclusion did not correct the issue on one of the system I tried it on. Thank you for the suggestion, however.

Often the warning on the server web interface isn’t seen, I guess?

For fixing the problem the client log file would be interesting and information about if the file(s) exist.
They might also go away if you run a full file backup.

Thanks uroni,
I’ll run a full file backup to see if the errors go away.

I have the same problem. Windows 10 client with Ubuntu server. Excluded files on server side:


And yet I’m getting plenty of errors like:

Error getting complete file "L7sh3MEOJj3DGz5BB1jh|C/Users/admin/AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.MicrosoftOfficeHub_8wekyb3d8bbwe/LocalCache/LocalLow/Microsoft/CryptnetUrlCache/Content

Client installation file downloaded from the server’s status page. No custom settings for clients, default installation. Unfortunately at the moment I’m not able to check client side logs.

I am still getting these errors from several workstations. Tried many different exclude statement, but non worked. The errors are related to files that are not important, so I decided to ignore the issue, but now I wish there is a solution.

Yes, they don’t fail backup jobs so it’s not too bad.
But in my case - I’m currently trying to automate and centralize as much as I can - simply ignoring them is not an aswer.