Where can i find the latest code of the released client 2.1.17

i have explored the 2.1.20 code on the git repository but could not find the code corresponding to the latest released client.

UrBackup Client 2.1.17 released

Can anyone help me in finding the code for UrBackup Client 2.1.17

look at the release tab

Hi @orogor,
Thanks for your reply.

I have checked the release tab but i could not find the code changes done for the latest released UrBackup Client.

Below are the changes done in latest UrBackup Client for your reference.

UrBackup client changelog

  • Fix piped tar file not sending directories in some cases (affected mysql backup with xtrabackup)
  • Linux: If snapshot dir is “none” use no snapshot and log no error
  • Configure virtual mariadb incr client correctly
  • Fixing corrupted file backup on macOS with APFS: Disable sparse file support on macOS