What Would be the best way to Migrate URBACKUP Folder to another volume

Hello, I hope you guys are OK.

I need to change the path of the URSERVER from d:\urbackup to r:\urbackup

d:\ was a normal volume and I added the folder “urbackup” when I install the urbackup service for the first time.
But the server has another apps on that volume and it was beginning to run out of space.

So we had to upgrade our server and I added another HardDrive for specific backup purposes.
I already disable the 8dot3 feature and enable it as a Dynamic volume for future grow.

My question is if It is enough by using a simple robocopy d:\urbackup r:\urbackup /mir and update the path in the server configuration webpage.

I hope if someone had done this kind of movement before could give me some advice.

Thanks a lot.

Have a great day.


Please read the forums/docs, you can create a special file , with the folder destination inside and urbackup will migrate there and ll be able to continue backuping

Thanks Orogor.

The migration has finishied, and I updated the backup Storage Path on the server settings, and after saving it, I ran the remove_unknown.bat script.

I checked the new path and it now containg the folders with the name of the computers that are being saved.

However I see a directory that was not created:
The full path is “d:\urbackup\urbbackup” and inside it there are .db, .db-wal and .ub files, along with .priv and .pub keys.

It looks very similar to what I have in C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup

Would be safe to delete the old urbackup storage path?
The urbackup_srv.exe process that is running points to C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup

Thanks orgor.


If i understand, theses files aren’t considered like storage but more like configuration files, so you can t remove them.


do I need to removemanually the migrate_storage_to file now that has finished?
Ive been noticed in the activities tab that sometimes the migration starts to indexing files again.


Once you edit your storage path in the urbackup web ui, you should be able to remove it.
Personally i did a migration once, i think the file is still there, but i don t get any indexation linked to the migration in the gui.
Only the clients show that they build index at the beginning of backup , but that s normal.

Those are backups of the Urbackup databasefiles, which are run after (of before) nightly cleanup.