Wake up Server to run Server Backup

Hi. I really only use Urbackup on my main PC so it’s setup as both a server and a client. I have been leaving my PC on over night and Urbackup has been working fine for years. I’d now like to put my PC into standby overnight and have Urbackup wake up the PC to do the backup. I can’t seem to get this to work.

Obviously as it’s ALL local there’s no wake on LAN as far as I’m aware. Is there a way for the Server side to wake itself up when it wants to backup?

Well you don’t state what OS you’re using I’ll assume Windows, since I can’t answer directly for Linux (no Linux clients).

However, you can use Task Scheduler & create tasks to run daily, you might have to experiment a bit, I’ve not actually done this, but to get a full backup (say triggers every Monday @ 11pm

The command to run would be (note the quotes): "C:\Program Files\UrBackup\UrBackupClient_cmd.exe" with the arguments "start --full --file"
Then make sure it’s set to wake the computer too run the task (checkbox).
Then every day with Monday unchecked, change the arguments to "start --incremental --file"

You can do other things on schedule too, in a command window (Run box > cmd.exe)
C:> CD "C:\Program Files\UrBackup"
C:> UrBackupClient_cmd.exe --help
C:> UrBackupClient_cmd.exe --help start
To see some of the other things you can do.

You might need to write a batch file or powershell script that checks the server is online & connected, or simply adds a delay while it connects & then runs the backup & schedule that, since I’m not sure how soon the server is available after waking a machine from sleep.
“Start only if the following Network connection is available” may help, or may break it without the delay…

I’m certain it can be done, but the details may take some experimentation to get everything right.

I’m certain it’s doable though.

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