Vpn image restore


i just installed urnackup and testing it extensively. so far it works great (LAN). i tried also backing up clients over vpn and it seems to work just fine. i had one incremental image job stuck at 80% and had to reboot server/client.

is restore over ipsec possible? i’d assume the server won’t be discover able and has to be typed in during rescue boot.
also is it possible to change LAN IP of the server add clients locally and perform initial file.image backups and them move the server offsite change IP and use ipsec to do the next incrementals and full? this would be also the case for restores - the urbackup server is portable enough for that. would new or existing clients need some config files updates (serv ip) before and after the move?



VPN in its simplest form is just packet encapsulation using encryption, Just about any protocol can be used over VPN. Have you checked to see if your tunnel bounced during the time that your backup stopped? By default a VPN tunnel will tear down after a predetermined amount of time with no traffic going over it. The tunnel will then rebuild and pass traffic once it is re-triggered. It sounds to me like your tunnel bounced then the backup stopped untill its next scheduled backup time. Try doing an extended ping or packet capture next time and see if you are seeing drops in packets as well.


thanks Roy, well i did backup of the image (10GB) over ipsec tunnel however the restore is super slow (backup was much quicker) over my 100/30Mbit WAN on both ends.

i was thinking of another way to handle it. i kind of just need images stored for local LAN restores, and file backups over WAN are fine. is it possible to add the same client on two servers: local (images) and remote (file backups)?