Very slow to restore windows 10 image

Server is connect to 1gb lan. I can see backup image from restore boot CD and all seems to go ok but it takes ages to restore. Plus once it had finished restoring the pc failed to boot with un-accessible boot device?

Backup took about 84mins with finish backup size of around 60gb

Any help on this would be great

Just run it again looks like it gets to about 12% and then what looks like screen saver kicks in. I hit space and it went from 12% to 100% and finished. But did not boot still I’m guessing it has not really finished do the restore. Wish this would work as it looks like quite a good system if only I could get the image side of it work right.

I am experiencing the same problem when restoring an image to a laptop.
The laptop is an Asus F552E, AMD quad core with 8Gb Ram running Win10 home, fully updated.
The server is a virtual win 2012 V2, fully patched. with 8Gb ram.

URbackup server is 2.0.34, version 155.
URbackup client is 2.0.32, version 155.

Previous to the last file backup on the laptop, the backups, both image and file appeared to be working correctly. After the laptop failed to boot after an MS update, I recovered using the win 10 boot disk until this failed to work.
I then tried to do an image restore using the recovery CD 2.0.2 without success. It appeared to restore successfully using Image_c_X.vhdz, but would not boot and I was unable to recover with the win 10 disk. I tried a number of these files from various dates without success. There are also x_Image_SYSVOL and x_Image_ESP directories, although relatively small…

Your help would be appreciated.

urbackup.log (1.2 MB)


John Shaw

Hi John,
As the W10 disk failed to fix the issue and your restore is taking so long. I wonder if you have checked the SMART status of the hard disk? (You can use a live Linux boot disk like Ubuntu)

Just a thought.


Could also be read errors on the server. Could you have a look at the system event log to rule those out?