Using urbackup to backup mysql in a docker container

So I’ve shifted to running the MySQL in a docker container as I’ve migrated quite a few services to docker (heart docker btw). I was wondering if anyone had any guidelines as to how to backup the databases using urbackup client? I’ve tried to install mysqldump on the docker host and setting up the mysqldump backup component in the linux client, but this fails as the component expects the mysql instance to be local. My next step was to install the urbackup client directly on the docker container, but I suspect the urbackup server gets confused with the similar ip address of the container as it’s not being picked up as a client on the server web interface. Anybody else out there running a similar setup that can help?

Wrt. to mysqldump in docker host: Just modify the backup script.
In docker container I would use Internet mode. If you add a client on the web interface (through NAT) it’ll show what you have to copy and paste into the Dockerfile.

Thanks, I modified the backup script (/usr/local/share/urbackup/scripts/mariadbdump) on the host and added the following parameters to $MARIADB_DUMP:

-P 3306 -h