Using Server and Client in same machine ? (windows 2012 server)

Hi. i have just downloaded the UrBackup and installed the server and client in same machine (a windows server 2012) but i could not get the client connect to the server. How should i configure the client to connect with same machine as server ?

Are you connected via internet or?
If you use internet you can open settings, under “Internet” enable internet, write the ip adress there.
But dont really know IF its possible to have both on 1 server.

Hi Chris, thanks for reply. Well this is my scenario: i have a windows server 2012 R2 , here i have installed the Urbackup server , and in the same machine i have installed the Client too. I need backup this same server. The problem is that i can not get client connected to server.

Hi. i have solved. there was an config error, but it is working ok practically without changes.thanks

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