[usage]preliminary tests of urbackup lead to unexpected results


First of all, please excuse me for my bad english, this is not my native language (I will do my best though)

I’m looking for a client/server backup system for windows (client/server) and linux (client) with this features:
_Full and differential backup (or incremental if differential not available)
_USB HDD backup storage - I have 5 usb HDDs for each day of the week, and the friday HDD is the high capacity one which store full backup. So the Mon-Thu HDDs store differentials backups and friday HDD store a full one.

UrBackup seem to have the features I need so I tried it.

I set up a win7 urbackup server and 2 windows 7 clients. The dataset load is small to ease the test. So I set up the server to store the backup on a 2TB USB HDD and run a full backup on both computer. It worked well.
Then I removed the USB HDD to setup another one, and try a incremental save (having altered the backuped file) and… nothing was stored. The server said this:
Errors: 08.08.14 11:09 : Error creating temporary file in ::doIncrBackup

Ok so the server isn’t able to see I switched HDD. A copy between the two (and both HDD will store urbackup related data) fix the problem and both the HDD get the data.

But. If I look on the backup directory, the incremental backup are all full, that is the whole directory are stored in every YYMMDD-HHMM directory instead of only the changes.
The server status says it stores only the changes but in every incremental directory, the whole data are stored.

Did I miss something on the setup?

thank you in advance.

I’ll let uroni correct me if this is wrong but the incremental backups are using hard links. If the file hasn’t changed and there’s already a copy from a previous backup it’s just a link pointing to the originally backed up file.

I’m not positive how it works with ntfs but I think if you look at the folder size for an incremental backup it includes thee size from the linked files so while it may look like it’s taking the space of a full backup it really isn’t (it’s the same as the winsxs folder space usage I think if you want to google for more info).

Urbackup wasn’t built to swap the backup drives like that. You’d probably want to just copy the urbackup folder off to another external drive and remove that drive from the building, basically backing up your backup and moving it off site.

eli is correct.

If you want to copy the backup storage perfer whole volume cloning, however. For example using disk2vhd ( http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/ee656415.aspx ).

If you really want to have disjunct sets of backups you need two backup server instances, which would involve some scripting/copying around.

Thanks to both of you.
volume cloning to cope with backup storage copying is a great idea. It may solve some of my problems.

Using to several server instance will not help me, as I will need more usb HDDs, and kill the client/server feature.
HDD backup set usage is quite uncommun as most of the backup software don’t handle it.
I will think of a way to handle that

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi all.

So I stumbled on this topic trying to solve an issue I am having with UrBackup.

I’m currently testing UrBackup to see if it’ll fit our needs here at home. I have a makeshift server (not connected to the internet) that is running WinXP. The Server software is installed and setup on this PC.
I setup the client soft on a Win 8.1 box to test it out. After some trial and error I managed to get backups from my client to my server. Problem I am having is the symlink or hardlink issue. I get what it’s doing and that the files are not being duplicated, but I’d rather just see the incremental changes in the recently created folders. Also, the linking makes it hard to find files since when I do a search, the PC has to look through all folders to find the file and instead of searching 1000 original files plus some odd 20 that I have changed so far, it’s looking through the 20 folders, searching each file every time. Basically seems like it’s searching over 20.000 files. Not to mention that it shows me the same unchanged files x times over in the search results.

Any way to stop the linking? Deactivating symlink during incremental did nothing for me.