Urbackup Windows Client MSI broken?

Hello, we´re using urbackup server 2.37 on debian stretch and we´re distributing software with opsi. The Windows client MSI 2.2.4 went fine but 2.3.4 hangs (with and without tray).
“msiexec /i “%ScriptPath%\UrBackup_Client 2.2.6(x64).msi” /qr /norestart” works fine
“msiexec /i “%ScriptPath%\UrBackup_Client 2.3.4(x64).msi” /qr /norestart” does not work

Do you have any ideas?

Best regards

Make sure the client is up to date on updates & try again.
Try the exe installer instead, I’ve always found the exe ones less prone to strange issues.