URbackup server on windows is unable to discover a windows client which is in the same network


I have done following to resolve the issue, nut the end result is not met.

On the Windows client under C:\Program Files\UrBackup there are two files called server_idents.txt and new_server_idents.txt. Deleted them and restarted the service. Then tried the Second option by uninstalling and reinstalling the client again. Restarted the service

Can some one assist me. I am badly stuck here.


hi all,
may I request an update on the above issue…


Have you got the firewall service running by any chance?
If so you might need to make an exception for it urbackup client and server on each machine.


there is no firewall in between. Client and server are in the same network. If I install a new client, server detects the newly installed client automatically. I have tried creating this client manually also. But nothing is working.
While testing the features of URbackup, we have uninstalled and reinstalled the server and client several times. To avoid the conflict between server and client ID, we have done the needful by deleting the server and ad client idents. key also.
I had faced this issue once but some how it got resolved by doing the needful related to server and client ID. I do not remember the exact steps. I thought to document this but forgot.


If any new client you add gets detected by the server then there’s probably nothing needs doing server side. I don’t work for urbackup just another user myself but to be honest I’ve had no issues with it really other than once with a similar problem and it was a software firewall on the client which caused the problem. Might even be antivirus software which has a built in firewall?
My guess is its something simple, I would check for the same gateway and dns set on the client as server, check for connectivity, do some pings, can you see smb shares between the two? Are they both on the same domain?.
Check under settings>permissions for client settings,
I’d expect at least to be able to click add client on the server though and see the client once you have typed in its LAN IP address.


And perhaps another small question, is there another UrBackup Server in the network? I’ve made that mistake in the past, with the above as one of the issues that caused. The client tried connecting to another server i had accidentally setup…

Also, you could try installing a telnet client on the client, and see if you can start a telnet session to your server on port 55413 and 55414. I know most of the local UrBackup traffic is UDP based, but that’s harder to test :slight_smile:



Yes, one more backup server also exits. But that server is also unable to discover the client. However there are few client which are discovered in both the backup server.
While reviewing the server logs, unable to find any clue related to the issue. But in the client I cold see some issue related to internet which has no meaning as client and server are in the same network. However for your understanding attaching the server and client log.



Does it works if you try to set it as an internet client, or it still won’t register?


I had problem detecting clients if they were already on the server before and I removed them on the server and wanted to add them again. They were stuck in Client discovery hints.

Played with it for some time, happened both on physical machines and when I tested on VMs.
In the end it was my expectation that they get recognized instantly like the initial case.

If I let them sit both on the network and came hour later they were added without any need to manually add them, again both in the real world and in VMs testing.

Probably not OPs case since reinstall of server and client happened, but maybe someone who will google this stuff later on like I did.


Thanks every one for your valuable thoughts…and time spent to look into the issue.
We have found out the solution and was like this
Urbackup server and clients were in different networks/VLAN. After moving the server into client VLAN issue got resolved… However would request, if some can highlight the port/ actionable to be done in case server and clients are in different VLAN or segregated with the help of a Fire wall.



In testing during setup of internet capable UrBackup server there were only 2 ports needed for port forwarding:

  1. TCP Port 55415 for clients to send data TO UrBackup server
  2. TCP Port 55414 to browse the UrBackup Server web interface (used for restoring files from client - right-click context menu | Access/Restore backups )

I setup all the other ports listed here: https://www.urbackup.org/administration_manual.html#x1-9000010.3
but never saw any traffic hit the firewall on those other rules so disabled them.

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