urBackup Server Interface not loading

OK, what am I missing? I loaded up urBackup 1.4.7 on Windows 2008R2, went to the Server Interface, and all I get is a “Loading…” page. I also get an error, which I think is Java related:

“Object Doesn’t Support this property or method”
Line 4.

I can open the web interface using Firefox, but not IE8 or IE9. The clients I want to use this on are all IE users. We are all running Java 8u25. What am I missing?

Seems nobody was using it with IE 9. Thanks for the hint!

This will be a lower priority issue since even popular web apps such as google mail don’t support IE 9 anymore.

You could try it with this version of the dust-full.min.js (replace the existing): https://github.com/uroni/dustjs/blob/master/dist/dust-full.min.js