UrBackup Server 2.1.5 beta/Client 2.1.5 beta

Major changes with server 2.1.x beta

  • Groups for client settings
  • Ability to reconnect during indexing if connection is broken
  • Define which volumes need to be snapshotted together (snapshot groups)

Major changes with client 2.1.x beta

  • Ability to reconnect during indexing if connection is broken
  • Improved image backup performance
  • Windows Backup API support (tested backup and restore with Microsoft SQL, tested backup with Microsoft Exchange and Hyper V)
  • File backups and restores use the change block data from the change block tracking driver now (you can install the beta client over a CBT client and this will work)
  • Define which volumes need to be snapshotted together (snapshot groups)

Changes with server 2.1.5 beta

  • Fix group membership screen
  • Fix sending settings with groups
  • Fix URL validation regex
  • Fall back to zeroing if hole punching isn’t available in raw cow image file
  • Fix mountpoint command order such that ZFS snapshotting works on FreeBSD
  • Fix ZFS image snapshot cleanup
  • Untested: Throtting to percent of max speed determined by regular probing for max speed
  • ZIP64 download (ZIP>4GB and more than 2^16 files) (needs testing)
  • Start client download earlier (after 1s instead of 1min)
  • Fix database backup
  • Use servicelib instead of SimpleSC to install server service on Windows in NSIS installer
  • Install logrotate config with correct permissions
  • btrfs: Do not delete files in snapshot to later reflink them (needs testing)

Changes with client 2.1.5 beta

  • Use servicelib instead of SimpleSC to install server service on Windows in NSIS installer
  • Fix checksum issue if image was resized
  • Increase client image send timeout from 10s to 10min
  • Return empty xattr list if xattrs are not supported
  • Do not remove shadow copies for image backup after client restart if there are multiple concurrent jobs
  • Set internet client to not connected if no internet servers are configured
  • Output more detailed error information in sysvol_test
  • Restore GPT when restoring via command line
  • Always use server only settings on client and add “server_url” to server only settings
  • Keep changed directories if a snapshot has active NTFS transactions
  • Lock access to challenges to prevent threading issues

Upgrade process

As always: Replace the executables (via the installers) and the database of the server/client will be updated on first running it.

Place the files from the update directory into C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup or /var/urbackup to auto-update clients. Disable Download client from update server in the server settings to prevent the server from downloading the current version.

On Linux e.g. with:

cd /var/urbackup && wget -r -l1 --no-parent --reject "index.html*" -nH -nd -N "https://ssl.webpack.de/beta.urbackup.org/Client/2.1.5%20beta/update/"

or use this update script: https://github.com/ptempier/get_urbackupclient/blob/master/updateclient.sh

Downgrade process (server)

Stop the UrBackup server, restore C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup or /var/urbackup from a backup before upgrade and then install the previous version over the beta release.


Small nitpick; had this error when I went to do an inplace upgrade. Resolve was to turn off the UrBackup Windows Server Service first, install, then turn it back on.

Installation Error:

Windows 2012 R2 64-bit
UrBackup Server 2.1.4 beta upgrade to 2.1.5


Had the same issue as ttrammell. But all setup after stopping service.


Ok picking up a small issue with server/client 2.1.5 beta. Changing Maximum Backup speed for internet backup clients doesn’t seem to change anything.

I confirm the bug.

At the beginnig of the backup, the limitation is applied, but after a few minutes, bandwith becomes “full”.
Saving the settings of the client or the group client without changing anything makes the limitation effectyive again but becomes ineffective after few minutes again.

Debugging the client shows nothing special, only ClientService cmd “PING” and “PONG” messages.


Other small nitpick to go with marveltec and TomTomGo; default max backup speed for each setting regarding it, if nothing was set before (a.k.a. no limit or blank), is 1% instead of 100%.

I dont understand the logic behind this, most peoples want max speed.
There are broken network infrastructure that performs better with a capped speed and peoples that use pay by transfered data. But theses are special case, if you set 1% of max speed, you ll satisfy maybe 1% of users; then there’ll be a a ton of forums posts with i dont understand why my transfers are slow.

It is a bug, not by design… will be fixed…

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True, but I was just pointing out that upgrading past 2.1.4 (i.e. upgrading to 2.1.5) will change any and all settings regarding max backup to 1%, if the box had nothing written to it.

So, if you had this:

Max Backup Speeds on 2.1.4:

UrBackup1: 300 (MB)
UrBackup2: 100 (MB)
UrBackup3: ___ (MB)

Then it would be this on 2.1.5:

Urbackup1: 300 (MB)
UrBackup2: 100 (MB)
UrBackup3: 1% (MB)

It was something to do with adding in the percentages for total backup speed; if you did not have any of your values set to an amount before the upgrade (a.k.a. blank values) then it would automatically set those values to [1%] of your total speed until you changed it to 100%.

Like I said, small nitpick that some people may not catch.

… and I saw that right after I posted.


Until version 2.1.4, default values for “Settings > General > Server > Total max backup speed for local network:” , “Settings > General > Clients > Max backup speed for local network:” and “Settings > General > Internet > Max backup speed for internet connection:” were set to the default value “-”.
Only the group setting “Settings > Group XXXX > Internet > Max backup speed for internet connection:” was set to “10240;1024@Mon-Fri/8-18” to prevent the saturation of the WAN links bandwidth on work hours.
This was working fine with versions =< 2.1.4.
With V 2.1.5, the default “-” value have been replaced with the default “1%” and bandwith limitation seems to be broken with the behavior explained in my precedent post.


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