Urbackup restore cd doesn't recognize hard drives

Is there a procedure to put this on a newer OS so it sees the drives? SystemRescueCD sees the drives with lsblk.

Maybe I could compile the urbackupclient the restore cd uses and get it on a newer recovery cd.

Anyone have an idea what I need to compile and how to go about this?

Updating this in the hopes that I get some dialog. I fixed it. I found a tutorial on creating a live cd in debian, put the binaries I got from here in there. I’ll link to that later. I added a few packages and it worked. Basically it boils down to having an older kernel in for the restore cd. How often is this updated? Is anyone doing it regularly. I wouldn’t mind. Maybe we could have a reproducible way for everyone to do it so you know there’s nothing slipped in there.

I still don’t know how to get urbackuprestoreclient compiled. I followed the compilation instructions but to no avail–probably did something wrong but it doesn’t look like it compiles it by default.

Newest one is here: https://www.urbackup.org/downloads/Restore/urbackup_restore_2.2.2.iso

The newest debian has EFI support, so maybe I can get rid of the patched mess I use currently to build those now and use live-build directly.

You did not say anything about why it doesn’t build urbackuprestoreclient?

I followed the build instructions on github to the letter but it just seems to fail. Is there more specific instructions for newbies? I’m using Ubuntu 18.04. Is the binary urbackuprestoreclient supposed to be in there when done? Do you have to do the client portion of the github instructions? Is there any specific wx package or library I’m supposed to install?

Thanks for the latest iso!