Urbackup recognizing client with wrong hostname!

Hi guys

I have a problem with urbackup since I updated the docker img (I guess).

I have a dual boot system with Linux and Windows 10 both are urbackup clients.

The problem is now that urbackup is recognizing the linux client as the windows client and is mixing them!

Linux —> fedora.linux (hostename) +
Windows —> ROG-3900X (hostname) +

The webinterface is showing me all the time that ROG-3900X (Windows) is online even when the Linux client is connected and doing a backup!

Whats even stranger is while Im logged in Windows and doing a backup the webinterface is showing me that the OS is linux!!!

It’s a dual boot system I can’t be online with Linux and Windows at the same time!

See screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/4OMbHLX

Can someone tell me WTF is going on?

PS. The logs are showing me 0 errors!

Ok forget it.

The settings.cfg was fucked up.

solution --> delete it and reconnect to the server.

Are you sure? If you reboot fast enough (within 5min) and it has the same IP, it’ll not recognize it as a different client… and since Windows + Linux probably have the same MAC they’ll be assigned the same IP, perhaps?

Now everything works fine after I deleted the settings.cfg (it seems it was corrupted?!)

I also encountered the error: “Error setting settings” when I tried to set the hostname.
Now this is also working again.