Urbackup preventing HDD spindown

Hi there,
I’m running a urbackup server inside a docker container on my NAS. Recently I noticed its HDDs were not going into standby anymore although configured differently and working properly before. Upon closer inspection urbackup seems to be responsible because it accesses its database .wal files on a regular basis. Judging from factrace’s output it does so in a 10 second interval, reading mostly.
I wanted to ask if this is a known and intended behaviour and if something can be done about it?
Thanks in advance!

NAS is an armbian system with an ARM CPU and 4 HDDs using BTRFS. Kernel is 5.10 and urbackup is 2.4.13.

I think it’s hard to avoid this behaviour. I recommend running apps and services from SSD, and use only HDD for data. That’s what I do for my NAS, where I run a lot of services.
SSDs are fairly inexpensive these days and a SATA one will be more than capable.