UrBackup only creates full file backups


I setup a server with UrBackup a few weeks ago. Since setting it up, only Full backups have been made.
This is the settings: https://screenshots.firefox.com/DstFcFQpOQI9rX0i/backup1.primaservers.com

As you can see, full file backups are disabled. Only 1 backup is stored for each client.
Any idea why this happens?


No that s the image backup you disabled, it s a different thing.
You can do file and image backup and each can be a full or an incremental. You should google theses a bit.

Also can you screenshot the setting tab of a specific client and the backup tab of a client, it will show dates and if it was an incremental or not.


On the second image, I’ve disabled full file backups.

It seems to be running correctly now, though.