UrBackup for Office 365 and Local Exchange

Looking at running Windows Server UrBackup on a local on-premise server for the local site backups.

However the location has just started using office 365 in a hybrid mode.


  1. Can UrBackup backup local Exchange mailboxes?

  2. Can UrBackup backup to local storage the Office365 mailboxes?

If no, is this on the roadmap? and if so when?

If yes, can you please point me at the necessary documentation?

Many thanks

as far as i know … urbackup can Backup Informationstore with component-backup. But not on mailbox level… a workaround is a automatic pst export with powershell … but i dont recommand that… the export functions does sometimes not complete without error (some pst format restrictions)… so you should allways check the export-logs for errors.