UrBackUp for Imaging W10... not backups?

Has anyone used UrBackUp as a “image making tool” instead of a “backup tool”?

I was hoping we could:

  1. Buy 5 identical Windows laptops
  2. Make laptop #1 into the Windows 10 machine we need
  3. Boot into UrBackUp via USB and take a full image backup and store it on our Windows UrBackUp server
  4. Disconnect laptop #1 and connect laptop #2
  5. Boot into UrBackUp via USB and grab the laptop #1 image and apply it to laptop #2
  6. Repeat for all remainging laptops

We haven’t been having any luck, or is it even possible? (All machines are Windows 10)

Since we already have a fully working Windows UrBackUp server running… ’
we were hoping NOT to have to create a different file/image server… nor anything running Linux at all.

The software works via its agent, so at the very least, you will need to install the agent on each system to do what you want, then uninstall it afterwards.

For imaging deployment, I would look at a tool like CloneZilla or DriveXML or something else. This tool generally serves a different use-case.