Urbackup client

The backup starts as soon as the Urbackup client is installed. how can we stop it

Disable image and file backups in the server ?

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That’s what I do - and here’s how I do it.

The Default group, where all newly-detected Clients go, is set to Disable on both Full and Incremental on the File Backups and Image Backups tabs. That ensures any new Clients will not waste time and storage by backing up things that aren’t needed.

I then manually assign the new Client to a group based on the type of workstation, such as Business Office, Production, or Server functions. The settings for those Groups reflect their different folder contents and backup needs.

I also have a Deprecated Group where old Clients and their backups can be assigned for several months while any files they held might still be needed. That group is also set to Disabled so I don’t get nag messages that those Clients haven’t backed up in a while - because the computers have already been recycled.

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Is this what you are looking for? in web gui, “settings/client/Delay after system startup”

Thank you for your response.