UrBackup client on Windows Server 2012


First, thanks to the author of the software, it’s great :smile:

I’m testing backups of a windows 2012 server, and I’ve noticed serveral issues:

  1. There’s something strange with the urbackup client folder permissions. It restricts access to files like debug.log, and folders like urbackup and urbackup\data. If i give myself access to those folders, and restart the service, the permissions are reverted. This is an issue if i change the user the client service starts with, as it seems that it cannot read the configuration file. Also the client gui has problems comunicating with the backend (it says the backup cannot be done at this moment, and it’s because it cannot connect with the backend until started with administrative privileges).

  2. You can open same window of the gui multiple times. It can be confusing (for every click on the icon, it opens a new status window… I would be more user friendly if it takes the one opened to the front).

  3. Sometimes the status window and the icon gives different information. For example, I’ve just launched a backup from the icon, the icon says “Waiting for a server…” and the status window says that it’s connected to an internet server (and the client appears online on the server).

I’m willing to help. I’m running it now on debug mode, so I can do any tests you need.