URbackup 2.4.13 not seeing correct size of backup target after adding space

I have URBackup 2.4.13 installed on a SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP2 server, with the backups configured to go to /srv/urbackup
/srv/urbackp is an LVM logical volume with an XFS filesystem
Everything is working fine with the setup. However, I increased the size of the logical volume at /srv/urbackup from 1TB to 2TB. See the output of df below.
/dev/mapper/vgroup–urbackup-urbackup 2.0T 506G 1.5T 25% /srv/urbackup

Now when I go into URBackup, and look at “Statistics”, the graphic still shows 900GB as the top value on the vertical axis. Will this just dynamically resize as the used storage approaches the 900GB mark? I’ve restarted the application and the OS, and that number doesn’t change. Also, the soft limit is set to the default it had of 95%
I’m wondering does the software actually think that the filesystem is still smaller, or is this just a cosmetic issue with the graphic?
Allen B.

Hi @linuxmoose,

have you tried to select “recalculate statistics” button? I guess that the statistics are cached and not calculated on-the-fly, so either recalculate them manually or wait until a backup is performed. It should change after that.


Yes, I did recalculate statistics, and that didn’t change it. It still shows a top value of 900GB. Backups have been running successfully, also.

Ok, then the only thing coming into my mind is to restart the Urbackup server, maybe then it will reread the backup target volume and its size. If that doesn’t work I am out of ideas, sorry.


The scale on that graphic appears to be dynamically generated according to what the maximum & minimum values it will be showing are, I get different scales if I show the last day, month, or year, & none match the actual size of the storage.

So I’d opt for “purely visual” and not be concerned.

Yes, you are correct. After the amount of data backed up crossed the 500GB threshold, it now shops the top limit of the vertical axis as 1.2TB.
Thanks for the help!
Allen B.