UrBackup 2.2.7 - backups from not wanted directorys

Hello @all,

today i updated UrBackup Server from 2.1.20 to 2.2.7… After upgrade i noticed, that UrBackup backups directorys that bevor not have been backuped. (for example c:\wsusoffline, all directorys in %appdata% …).

I use one config at server for all clients:

This UrBackup config worked for many versions bevor 2.2.7. Are there made any changes to this seetings? Are the settings OK for using them with 2.2.7 or must i change these?

For now i stopped UrBackup server in cause the server is run out of space…

Can i help me someone, please…? Thanx.


I think I have an idea what happened. I have two clients that did not receive the server settings for the clients. UrBackup created a backup with the local client settings…