Unknown clients joining server


We’ve setup a Urbackup server as our new back-up solution.

We’ve created our executables for windows using the online generator.
From the moment we created the exe’s, we’ve got random clients joining our server.

As we have not shared the exe’s publicly how is this possible?


EDIT: our server is publicly available but password protected.

On the webui Status tab, can you enable the IP Address column and follow the IP address of the unknown(s)

Thanks, didn’t know that!

The client isn’t showing an IP.

Yeah, if they’re not online, there won’t be an IP address. I would remove the unwanted/unknown clients and see if any return.

Interesting! Might be some behavioural virus scanner that runs the file in a VM, perhaps?

I’ve already removed some clients and ran the cleanup proccess manually. Only one came back.

I hope it are virus scanners, it certainly could be as they probably just run the batch where the client downloads but not install the program itself.

Can’t think of anything else currently.

Could you do some research into the virus scanner you are using to confirm this?

urbackupsrv export-auth-log or "C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\export_auth_log.bat" also creates a csv of logins with their IPs.

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