Unable to get data store to work on CIFS


I am new to URbackup and have tested it with great success and anticipation for makig it production, however I have run into a hurdle while trying to push it to production.

I am running URBackup on an Ubuntu server and running a windows storage server that I would like to use as the backup store. I have created and mounted the store persistently and I am able to read and write to the mount as root. However I am getting the following error in URBackup. Please advise:
The directory where UrBackup will save backups is inaccessible. Please fix that by modifying this folder in ‘Settings’ or by giving UrBackup rights to access this directory.(err_cannot_create_subdir)

Why not just install UrBackup on the storage server?

It is a Western Digital Appliance so I am not able to install it to the NAS>


An update to state that I have managed to get the cifs mount to work. I did this by creating a urbackup user on the storage server and specifying this user in fstab to gain permissions set by the storage server as well as set the ownerhsip of the share on the ubuntu box to urbackup.

Below is the fstab extract as well as the permissions should anyone need this:
// /media/BACKUP/vault cifs uid=urbackup,credentials=/home/islamia/.smbcredentials,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm 0 0

drwxr-xr-x 2 urbackup root 0 Jan 8 16:40 vault/