Ubuntu 18 client startup

I am following the instructions to install the urbackup client on my Ubuntu 18.
Since rc.local is no longer used, I am unable to create the automatic start up script.
I read is possible to start the rc.local.service. but it seems is not present at all in my system.
rc.local is replaced by systemd
Can someone help me creating an Ubuntu startup for systemd?
So that I can start urbackup automatically right after booting.
Much appreciate it.


I am running on Debian Buster and I have /usr/lib/systemd/system/urbackupclientbackend.service created during installation I assume. It reads

Description=UrBackup Client backend
After=syslog.target network.target

ExecStart=/usr/local/sbin/urbackupclientbackend --config /etc/default/urbackupclient --no-consoletime


If it is present but disabled the command to enable it should be:

systemctl enable urbackupclientbackend.service

Thanks for your reply .
You are correct.
If I install manually, following the instructions on the website how to I stall Debian client, I have the mentioned issue.
If I am at client side, go to the server and download the specific client, than as you mentioned, a startup is automatically made precisely with the service you mentioned.

Maybe you can helpe with the following issue?
Since (I think this is the reason) I have changed the DB location from SD card to external ssd, the client is rejected (Ubuntu client).
Do you know how to reaneble the client for normal backup procedure again?

Ps I also don’t get the gui client

I am not sure what you moved but my guess is that you caused a new identity to be created by pointing things at a new location but failing to move across some file.

Information about credentials on the client and server is given in Administration Manual 4.3 Client security and your problem may be caused by a change to credentials causing the client or server to fail to be identified.

I followed the install process given in Administration Manual 2.2.3 Client installation on Linux which does not mention a gui and I do not use one under linux.

You may find better answers reading the administration manual and searching prior answers on this forum as I am no expert.

I moved the database location.
Tga most probably, resulted in loosing the client identity.
So, I believe you are right. (Could not keep the DB on Sdcard. It was getting filled up)
In the documentation, it says to uninstall client, wait 5 min and reinstall client.
But it does not succeed!