Trying to find bottleneck. Help would be appreciated

I have a dell poweredge T610, windows server 2012 R2, quad core xeon, 16gb ram. SSD C: Drive, Perc 6/I controller with 6 2tb Raid 5 Harddrives. I have tried everything I can think of to get this things to move faster like when I first started it. Backups over the internet and local take forever. Getting speeds between 12kbps and 3mbps local. If I do a regular file transfer locally without using urbackup I get normal speeds like 20-60mbps. I thought maybe it was the DB so I put the SSD in. Any help would be appreciated.

Most of this still applies:

You already put pressure off the backup storage via the SSD. I’d still say the RAID5 is the bottleneck, but you would be able to see this via performance monitor (if it is maxed out at ~100 IOPS).

Thanks, I have had the SSD installed for the last couple of days. It seem to be finishing the Backups much faster. I think I am not getting true performance data from the activity page. But my backups are finishing much faster. On the server the performance manager the I/O for the harddrives are between 60-120mbps. It wouldn’t get any higher than 3-4mbps before the SSD. I think the comparing files with the DB was the bottleneck. I have 65 clients that backup twice a day. They are finishing in a few hours vs all day. The database is about 8gb big right know. To bad we don’t have a faster DB that can run on the typical server configurations without the SSD in place. But i am happy with what I got going right know. Thanks.