Trying for the first time

Just installed UrBackup and definitely have some questions.
I’ll keep them short in this post and post others separately.
First off, I have 1 server install, and 8 client installs.
Some of the clients have access to settings by right clicking the tray icon and others don’t.
I don’t want the clients to have any control at all. Right clicking the icon on the one that is the way I want just shows “infos” (with an s??) and “status”. The others show all kinds of options including settings.
Does that mean the client settings will override the settings in the server??

And the last for now, ran all backups last night and all seemed to be good. Checked this morning and on the Status page of the GUI, it shows one pc as ‘disabled’ under the “image backup status”.

OK, so not the greatest place for support in a hurry…

I can’t find any other support options. Are there any? Email maybe?

Any idea why this client only has these options??


Assuming you haven’t unintentionally created separate configurations for some clients (either directly, or as part of a group), I’d suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the client application on the misbehaving workstations.

Tried that already, no good.

Where would I create a separate config?
How come the settings on the server side (see permissions image above) aren’t applying to clients? They can still exit the tray icon.

By clicking on Clients or Groups drop-down at the top of this screen, and selecting a client/group to apply different settings from the server default.

Don’t yet know. It’s worth watching the UrBackup system log file (sorry - don’t know where this would be on Windows) on the clients whilst making a configuration change on the server. You should see the new settings get pushed out to the clients, so you can compare a working client with a non-working one.

That was it for the client settings!
I created a new group, thinking it was for usernames only, and every client I added after creating it went into that group.

Any idea why I can’t do a system restore?
Using the 2.3.1 restore version.
When I try to enter the server username I get a “salt error: no channel found” (not sure of the exact wording but no channel was there.