Truenas installation "segmentation fault"

I’ve experminted in Truenas core a plugin install, and a jail install of the urbackup server. When trying to start the server in both instances, It starts the server successfully, then attempts to generate an ECDSA key and then faults with the segmentation fault. Here’s the output:

root@URBackup:/usr/local/bin # urbackupsrv run
2022-10-24 08:51:41: Starting HTTP-Server on port 55414
2022-10-24 08:51:41: HTTP: Server started up successfully!
2022-10-24 08:51:41: Generating Server private/public ECDSA key…
Segmentation fault

Any ideas anyone?

The only thing that works for me is to do a build with
./configure --enable-embedded-cryptopp
That latest Cryptopp gives a segmentation fault in FreeBSD.

Thanks for the tip. Installing from source and configuring the compile worked.