Troubles with firewall?

I have got a firewall which is fully open between urbackup server and the client.
On the client debug is enabled and I read only this in my debog.log
“10/22/12 10:47:12: Incoming data for client…
10/22/12 10:47:12: rc=0 hasError=true state=0
10/22/12 10:47:12: urbackupserver: Removing user1332808585
10/22/12 10:47:12: urbackupserver: Sleeping…1332808585”
The backup never start.
How can I follow the “conversations” between client and server on the firewall with tcpdump to be sure that firewall is open ?


can you take a look at the server debug log as well?

You could follow the conversations via tcpdump/Wireshark by looking at communication at the used ports: