Time stamped files but really the same file

Hi, fresh user of URBackup but trying to do what may well be impossible.
I have a folder to copy to an offsite server, problem is the folder has some images in them which are timestamped when they are changed–but they are the same file with only changed blocks updated (Veeam vbk files 75GB).
URBackup can detect these changed blocks but cannot detect the file as already copied previously because its name has changed. I think Im screwed but thought I would put it out there to see if anyone has any ideas as to how to get URBackup to recognise the file as the original so to speak.
there will only ever be one vbk file in the folder.
My basic idea: run a batch file before URBackup runs that will rename the vbk file to a default name then after copy has run rename it back to what it was so Veeam does not go offline–OR–copy file and rename before URBackup and delete after URBackup has run.
Open to any ideas.
Thanks for your Help

Welcome to UrBackup! There are a lot of answers here, and I hope you find yours.

If I understand what you’re saying is they are almost the same files - they have some parts that are different, so the files would have different checksums. That means most file backup programs would consider them different files, regardless of timestamps or file names. Ordinarily UrBackup identifies duplicate files by identical checksums, but that doesn’t apply here.

You might want to look at running UrBackup with the backup storage on BTRFS (Linux) or Windows Server with Deduplication, either of which can perform block-level deduplication of file differences. See other messages in this forum for clues which way to proceed, as I haven’t needed that yet.

Thanks Don, appreciate the reply.
URbackup is running on server 2016–I am contemplating using the hyperv client (trying as we speak) and have cbt. that way I get away from Veeam and its name changing lol. the information on cbt and client is a bit slim and I am unsure of how to use it yet.
The idea of deduplication is good I will look more into that.
I like the idea of URbackup because it can have so many backups with quite minimal space and by using the client it is essentially almost ransomware proof where as a lot of other offsite relies on vpn which off course then opens up the offsite to malicious intenet (sorry rambling a bit).

With the disclaimer that I don’t run CBT yet, my understanding is it uses metrics designed into Windows but imposing a performance hit when activated. How painful that hit becomes is very site and workload specific. You downloaded the manual already, yes?

Ok I think I have worked out a method to make this work in case anyone else needs to know–mine is a bit more complex that a basic image but hey it is working so far (caveat is still need to test the real world recovery of image).

Scenario: Folder>Large files>Veeam changes filename to include current backup date.
URbackup>date change = dif file and so copies again.

Testing this config:
Created a VHDX file>mount this file as Drive letter> point veeam to save backups in this drive>point client to backup image this drive>enable purchased change block tracking> change incremental image style to “based on last image backup”.

Hey presto–backups now down to 500MB from 80GB (running hourly backups)

(as addition now running dedupe on URbackup file repository to minimise wasted storage as well–Ta Don)

Great news! A success story like this helps all the developers and users.