Symbolic link current into folder virtual sub client

I have on an UrBackup server where I have configured the backup / Backup folder and a client with the name PC1.
In the configuration of the PC1 client in the WebUI a virtual client with the name “Mail” is indicated.
I would like to make a copy of the latest backups for each client via rsync
For the PC1 client I have the folder / Backup / PC1 / current, while for the virtual client / Backup / PC1 [Mail] I don’t have the current folder.
Is there a way to make it create the current folder for the virtual client as well or a way to understand via script what the latest backup is?
Thank you
Sorry for my English

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Forgotten the server is installed on a debian server with ext4 filesystem

Thanks! I wanted to report this for quite some time and I completely forgot. Also having the same issue on btrfs Filesystem, using urbackup from the docker image.

Unfortunately no answer :worried: