Start post_incr_filebackup in Windows Urbackup server after specific client backup

Hi all,
I have a Windows server managing Urbackup Server and I need to run an offline copy after a specific client backup (a Linux machine).
I will add post_full_filebackup.bat and post_incr_filebackup.bat file in urbackupserver folder in Windows Server but how can I start it only after the specific client?
Is it possible?
Thank you

after 2 weeks I assume that even the programmer does not know what to answer.

I’ve only seen documented reference to those batch files when used client side, not sure the server even looks for them to trigger at all, if it does then you’d make the first commands in the .bat a check if it should execute or just exit, that’d probably involve a database query, with which I can’t help.

I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to do, & judging from the lack of response neither is anyone else, but if it involves copying from the backup storage, that’s usually a bad idea, just about nothing handles all the file-system links UrBackup uses for file based backups correctly.

@Bearded_Blunder , thanks for your reply:
I have, well my customer has, a windows server with Backupexec to manage LTO to save a lot of VM and Urbackup to grab files from pc clients and NAS, saving it to that windows server local disk.
Because of different credentials, I use a Debian VM as Urbackup client to save NAS data
I know it is a strange situation but my customer asks me to copy Urbackup “current” NAS folder to LTO:
so I need to do it after completing the backup server side.
alternatively, I need to install Urbackup client in Windows Server and so config post_incr_filebackup there but I remember sone difficulty to access NAS from that machine.

Sorry, I’m completely lost, you have a client who has various data, flying from here to there to some other place & being backed up… some by one software & some by another, then at some point, I don’t know what bit of it needs to be copied from somewhere to somewhere, based off the timing of when a backup completes…

There’s certainly a post backup script that can be triggered at that point, it’s on the client that just finished backing up (The Debian machine?) it’s basically there so you can restart services you may have had to stop to get a consistent backup of that machine (databases etc.). As long as it’s data that’s actually settled at that point & not still being processed, you’d trigger an rsync job there to copy data from point a to point b.

Unfortunately you can’t use it to rsync that machine’s own backup to somewhere at that moment for two reasons:

  1. The backup isn’t actually all done at that point, UrBackup is just signalling it has all the needed data, which it still processes for a while for space saving purposes. It signals when it does so that there’s minimal delays restarting any services stopped in the pre-backup scripts. I’ve watched this, & the client will get a backup complete signal before (sometimes quite a bit before) the job finishes processing & shows up as complete on the server activities tab on the actual server.

  2. Copying data from the UrBackup storage is at best problematic owing to all the symbolic links used to economise on space, neither rsync (Linux) nor robocopy (windows) handles it correctly, you basically have to use the UrBackup UI to get it all back in a sane and consistent form. A couple of specific files you could do, a whole slew will end up a mess.

Unfortunately I’ve actually still no clue what it is you want to copy.

If you have the server set to “create user views” & make the appropriate SMB shares available, you might be able to copy a backup’s content from there… I’d strongly advise manually testing the copy operation to see if you actually get the result you expect before digging too deep into trying to time it perfectly.