Small request on the webinterface about timeout



I would like to make a couple of small feature requests about the login timeout of the web interface. They are small but I think will improve the usability and user experience.

So firstly I think the login timeout should be configurable, instead of set to a predetermined amount of time. Personally I want it to never time out and stay logged on.

Secondly, when/if it times out, it should just go back to the login screen (and show a message on the login screen) instead of popping up a dialogue box. This saves a click and makes the process smoother.



I second this request! I’d definitely like the website timeout to be configurable and not hard coded.

Little quirks aside though, I’m quite happy to have found urbackup a couple of years back. Great job devs, and thanks!


100% agree on timeout option and just going back to the login screen.


Yup, me to. Configurable timeout would be great. :slight_smile:


100 % Agree on the timeout feature! plz add!