Slow Image Backups

Hi - urBackup has been working well for as long as I can remember. It was really fast at making file backups and image backups from Windows clients to Linux Server (docker sitting on Unraid). It worked well enough that I did not “check it” often.

Lately I found my clients to be busier than usual, and backups seemingly taking longer than what I could remember. Sure enough, on the WebUI of the server, I see speeds oscillating between 60mbps and 80mbps when I used to see close to 900mbps before.

I tried uninstalling Windows clients and re-installing, I removed clients from the Web UI and re-added them (I was fine with losing my backups with the cleanup job), I reset all configuration from scratch by deleting docker and re-installing docker, same thing… I am not sure what else to try…

Would someone have a suggestion?