Skipped Backups

Hello, I have started to use Urbackup for my home backups. I am using the 2.07 beta version of the Urbackup Server installed on Windows 10 Pro. I have the 2.06 beta client installed on my Windows 10 Pro laptop. My question is about how Urbackup handles skipped backups. I am using just a file backup on my laptop but I was curious what the best setup would be for a laptop since I may not have the laptop on at a given time. Should I just set a higher frequency of backups? I know I could manually start a backup, but would like to automate this if possible. I did a search for skipped or missed backups but I didn’t see any relevant come up, so my apologies if this has been covered before. Thank you.

Your “skipped” or “missed” backups will just try again during the next available window that is set-up on your server for that client:

Let us say that your backup window is every Friday from 12:00 - 00:00 (12 PM - 12 AM.) If you shut down your computer at 11:50 (AM), and did not turn it backup on until 00:01 (12:01 AM - on Saturday) then it will not attempt to backup again until Friday during the 12:00 - 00:00 window.

Frequency of backups is just personal preference - if you want it daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, that is entirely your call.

In my opinion, I would just do it incremental file backups once a week - 168 hours (or once every two weeks - 336 hours) for a home computer; image backups once a year, but like I said:

Frequency of backups is just personal preference.