Server not seeing select clients online, clients online and say connected


It started over the weekend when our servers crashed. We have issues with our UPS. Since then there are several clients that are not being seen online, but when I remote in to the desktops the client thinks it is connected. To make it even more strange, we have more than one client in one location. One client is connected, and is successfully backing up, but the other isn’t being seen online. For example
companyA-ComputerA = offline
companyA-ComputerB = Online, active.

I enabled the debugging logs on the client and I’m seeing this at the end of the log.

2018-10-02 16:12:32: Error receiving challenge packet
2018-10-02 16:12:32: InternetClient: Had auth error

There is nothing relevant in /etc/var/log/urbackup.log. Most recent entries are about the system shutting down when I was rebooting it.