Server backup Error

I’m trying to make a backup of the server, but then the process is terminated
system: Windows XP
INFO Starting full image backup…
24.10.13 10:20 DEBUG Backing up SYSVOL…
24.10.13 10:20 ERROR Timeout: Getting MBR for drive SYSVOL failed
24.10.13 10:20 INFO Request of SYSVOL failed. Reason: Opening filesystem on device failed. Stopping… This probably just means the Computer does not have a “System restore” volume which UrBackup can backup.
24.10.13 10:20 INFO Transferred 4.08691 KB - Average speed: 33.48 MBit/s
24.10.13 10:20 DEBUG Backing up SYSVOL done.
24.10.13 10:30 INFO Looking for old Sessions… 1 sessions
24.10.13 10:36 ERROR Pipe to client unexpectedly closed has_error=true
24.10.13 10:36 INFO Transferred 1.31164 GB - Average speed: 12.302 MBit/s
24.10.13 10:36 INFO Time taken for creating image of client admin: 15m 31s
24.10.13 10:36 ERROR Backup failed because of problems
24.10.13 10:37 DEBUG msg=START IMAGE FULL
24.10.13 10:37 DEBUG Image transfer hashed=true

Can you tell me which OS the server is using and on which OS the client is?

Can you post the contents of C:\Program Files\UrBackup\debug.log ? If it crashed, can you send me the dump file? ( )

client and server on the same computer, I wanted to make a backup of the server. Martin Sorry I can not send you the log files that computer broken down