Server 2.4.15 -> 2.5.26 upgrade issues

Hi all,

So I recently upgraded a 2.4 server to 2.5, on TrueNAS. The upgrade ran fine, the server starts, clients connect and backups work. But two things are a problem:

  1. Clients are not updating to version 2.5. And when I use the server interface to re-download the client for a specific computer, it’s the 2.4 version.

  2. I cannot save server settings. Clicking save results in an error “Format for backup window wrong”, even when not making any changes. If I blank out the backup window setting under client settings, and re-enter it, there is no error, but it also does not save - I just get the progress bar along the top that never completes.

I searched these forums but didn’t find anything helpful.

Any ideas?

Actually, I think I figured it out. Turns out to be my mistake, plus some new info.

Firstly, I didn’t actually restart the server :frowning:

But when I did, it segfaulted. Found this post UrBackup Server doesn't startup after update to 2.5.26_1 on TrueNAS (FreeBSD) - #9 by azmawee and working on that now. Hopefully that resolves the issues.

Yep, all fixed now.