Running a PRE backup script on the server

Hi everyone

I use an SMR disk for backups and it can easily get choked up if too much is going on at once. I’ve taken steps to mitigate this (one parallel backup-only for example) but it is still possible for the disk to grind to a halt in certain situations e.g. if fstrim is running at the same time as the backups.

I could further mitigate if I could block backups from running if fstrim is already running. For that I figure I’d need to run a prescript on the server.
The online dox do not mention running a pre-script. Is it not possible to run a pre-script on the server?

Maybe there’s an alternative way to go about stopping backups from starting when fstrim is running. Happy to hear opinions on it :slight_smile:

Bumping again as I’m still interested in this.