Rsync best options

Hy again,

If I want to transfer my Urbackup server form one server (Ubuntu 16.04 with ext4) to another server (Ubuntu 16.04 with ext4) what is the optimal usage of RSYNC switches: -H -a -r -l -v or it is enough -H -a ??


rsync archive mode; equals -rlptgoD (no -H,-A,-X) so a with r or l is superfluous

H preserves hard links, v increases verbosity of the output but does nothing to the actual function.

So rsync -Harlv is the same as rsync -Ha functionally speaking although the output will have less verbosity (which could be useful for debugging and/or logging as to what is actually happening if something fails)

Thanks for the help Guru_Evi

Another question:
If I complete the “Server URL” on the server, that will be visible on all clients (right click on try icon on client: “Access\Restore”).
Is there a way to limit for wich clients should be visible? (For example limiting from PERMISSIONS settings on the Server).