Restoring Client Data on New Hardware


I had to replace an existing UrBackup client computer due to a hardware failure. I’m not sure of the correct protocol to install the UrBackup client on replacement hardware for an existing UrBackup client so that you can download the backed up files and data.

From the new pc, I logged into the UrBackup server, selected the existing client, and downloaded the preconfigured installer to the new PC.

However when I attempt to access/restore backups, I get the error:

“No access rights to any files”

I’m assuming the way I’m trying to go about this is all wrong.

What is the correct protocol to install the UrBackup client on new hardware to connect to an existing account?

Thank you!

The client need to have the same name.


  • Start the restore from the web interface
  • Run the tray icon as administrator and see if it can access the files then
  • Restore the files in C:\Program Files\UrBackup\tokens some other way, such that non-administrator users can access the backups (again)